Welcome to MAESTRO Artists! We are an online musical education platform where singing teachers and music professionals connect with singers to meet virtually all your teaching and mentoring needs, virtually or in person.

In a world increasingly more comfortable with online education, MAESTRO Artists offers opportunity for highly experienced and skilled teachers to share their skills. MAESTRO Artists provides students with the chance to access and learn from these skilled teachers. Whether you are just beginning to sing or exploring advanced musical education or career opportunities, our teachers can help you by providing:

        • Singing lessons (from the beginner level to professional)
        • Audition preparation
        • Help with foreign languages and diction
        • Review of audio/video  recordings for auditions, college applications, or competitions
        • Career advice and trajectory
        • Coaching/role preparation for musicals and operas

MAESTRO Artists overcomes the traditional limitations imposed by the need for physical proximity and helps to erase both geographical and time constraints with online options. This increases the ability to match students’ needs with teacher’s interests and abilities, resulting in a more effective learning experience. You can explore  your teachers’ experience, background, genre, and teaching expertise.

If you are a student or teacher in an area of limited opportunities, MAESTRO Artists is your answer!

Whether you want to learn from a Broadway performer or an international opera star, we can help. If you’re hoping to land a role in your high school musical, sing in your local choir, earn a college music scholarship, or advance a professional singing career, our teachers are here to help!

We hope that you take advantage of all the resources MAESTRO Artists has to offer. Explore our Teachers to get started!

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